Two storey house design Philippines

Building a home is definitely not a child’s play and especially if you have an oddly shaped land, limited space to build and limited resources. The answer to your space problem or narrow house design may be a two storey house.

It is generally difficult to cover all the family’s requirements of space in a single floor, a two storey house design Philippines provides that extra space for luxurious living. Some of the design features to look out for while buying or two storey house design Philippines is the display façade, an enormous master bedroom, additional bedrooms for children and guests so you don’t have to compromise on sleeping space, 2 or 3 well equipped bathrooms and even a separate powder room if you like, a walk in pantry, lounge room, media room, study area that can be converted to an extra bedroom and a double garage.

Since two storey house design Philippines  affords you that extra space you can also think of a scullery if you love cooking or an alfresco if you indulge in a lot of entertaining. And don’t miss on the architecturally designed staircase which adds to the aesthetic value of the house. There are different designs of façade you can choose from, discuss with your designer what options are available. There are different materials that go into the designing of a beautiful staircase like wood, wrought iron, concrete slabs or even the most modern and unique folded metal sheets or the delicate looking but mighty strong glass. You can choose the same old steps (adding a design highlight in the form of a sliding space beside it on which your children can have lots of fun) or go in for the more sleek and beautiful spiral staircase.

When you plan to buy or build a two storey house design Philippines you may want to have higher ceiling downstairs. The climate in Philippines is mostly warm or hot and cold rainy season. A high ceiling ensures good air circulation and the temperature indoors will tend to be on the cooler side. A two storey design is advantageous for various other reasons. It gives you a lot of storage space and this need not be in the form of large vacant rooms, you get to “create” spaces under the stairs, pseudo ceilings and lofts.

If your family is a mix of old and young people it is advisable to have at least one bedroom on the ground floor because as you age it would be difficult climbing up and down the stairs especially if you have someone in the family who has knee or hip problem.