Swimming Pool Price in Philippines

Pool price depends on location, design, size, materials used, permit fees, local labor costs, depth, water features, additional accessories such as diving boards, slides, pumps, filters, automated filtration, heating, electronic chlorinators, automated cleaning systems, wireless remote controls, design add-on options such as waterfalls, landscaping, decking and other such details.

On average your Philippine pool contractor can build the pool (operational) in 60 days.

Swimming pool construction is best done by contractors using the ‘dry-pack method’ (very dry mix concrete laid on top of the other in clockwise or counterclockwise direction until the pool is completed). Once started, the workers will not stop until completion. This method is an assurance that leaks in any part of the pool are eliminated. The hollow blocks are acting as formworks only. Even an olympic swimmingpool will be built with this method also.15 years guarantee.

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Floorplans in the Philippines

Select a floor plan that will fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.
Think of everything your house has to include, and write it down.
This list should include the number- and size of rooms and other spaces:

Entry Way / Foyer
Living Room
Dining Room
Breakfast Room
Family (Great) Room
Den / Library
Music Room
Powder Room
Laundry Room
Storage Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Master Closet
Guest Room
Home Office
Play / Exercise / Sewing
Other: (Hallway Width), Attic, Basement, Garage, Carport, Work Area, Storage, Front Porch, Walk Way, Drive Way, Deck, Patio, Screened Porch

Then find a floor plan here http://www.theplancollection.com/house-plan-styles/ that comes close to being ideal for you and use your imagination to make it ideal. Move some walls, make one room bigger, make another smaller, add a C.R., play with the doors, windows etc.

Of course an engineer or architect can give you a lot of money-saving tips like the fact that a wall on the groundfoor that goes straight up until the second floor and roof is cheaper than a wall on the second floor that is not resting on a wall under it; it needs extra bracing under it.

Verify also the orientation of your house- and window positioning/alignment with the sun, shadow plus wind (this effects the floorplan).
Then layout the floor plans on site (on your lot with some wires and lines) so that you have the physical feel of the room sizes and the house as a whole. It is better to revise the room sizes etc. on paper, rather than wait for it to be constructed…

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Bid Philippines

Bid shopping Philippines – the practice by which contractors, both before or after their bids are submitted, attempt to obtain prices from potential subcontractors or material suppliers in are lower than the contractors’ original estimates building a house which their bids are based, and after the contract is awarded, seek to induce subcontractors of reduce a subcontract price included that a bid.

Bidding requirements Philippines  – a procedures or conditions for a submission to bids. a requirements are included ion documents, such as a notice of bidders, advertisements for bids, instructions of bidders, invitations of bid, or sample bid forms.

Bifold door Philippines – Doors in are hinged that a middle for opening that the smaller area than standard swing

doors. Often Cebu for closet doors.

Binder Philippines – the receipt for the deposit of secure a right of purchase the home at an agreed terms by the buyer and seller.

Bipass doors Philippines – Doors in slide by each other or commonly Cebu as closet doors.

Blankets Philippines – Fiber Philippines glass and rock Philippines wool insulation in comes that long rolls and inches wide.

Blocked (door blocking) Philippines – Wood shims Cebu between a door frame or a vertical structural wall framing members.

Blocked (rafters) Philippines – Short “  by  ’s” Cebu of keep rafters from twisting, or installed at a ends or at mid Philippines span.

Blocking Philippines – Small wood pieces of brace framing members and of provide the nailing base for gypsum board or paneling.