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Model houses in the Philippines

Model houses in the Philippines : cheap, durable, expandable, transferable, green and sustainable , resilient, fast – built , flood and typhoon- proof concrete modular houses / prefab houses / solid concrete houses/ insulated houses/ Swimming Pools 

Creating the perfect Model houses in the Philippines is a crucial process during the home building process. Although you might have a number of ideas for your home, only an expert architect can design your home with an imaginative blend of design styles and the added convenience of modern technology to make your home more liveable. You might believe that stock plans are an easy, convenient and cost-effective option but weigh it with the option of an expert designed house plan for every budget and fully functional plans.


Perfect model houses in the Philippines for you and Your Family

The best work is delivered only by the people who are experts in their field. When you let an architect handle the design of your home, you are assured a model houses in the Philippines which is a perfect blend of style and functionality. They will have sufficient experience in designing small or large and elegant homes, and a variety of architectural styles also. With your needs in mind, they will endow their designs with the added touch to make your home beautiful while it remains comfortable.


Model houses in the Philippines will also be updated with the current building codes and will work to ensure that your home confirms to all the necessary codes. The skilled architects of model houses in the Philippines use the latest technology to design a home which matches your aesthetic tastes. They can refine the plan based in your suggestions also, thus understanding your desires. In a nutshell, an expert will bring beautiful and functional homes to people who love living in one. Choose an experienced model houses in the Philippines expert and build your dream home based on your price range, location and architectural style.


At model houses in the Philippines at Sibonga assists customers throughout the building process. With our years of experience we work with our customers as a team in selecting the correct site, completing the site design, determining and developing a realistic budget for the project, along with our Architectural team creating the building look that says who you are.

Model house design in the Philippines

Model house design in the Philippines : Cebu , Davao , Laguna , Pampanga , Isabela , Iloilo , Bulacan , Tagaytay , Antique , Batangas , Cavite , Ilocos , Surigao , Romblon , Boholo , Leyte, Cagayan , Bataan, Pangasinan, Baguio

Model house design in the Philippines will provide you with a home that ‘stands out from the crowd’, is functional and perfectly suited to your lifestyle and taste. The fact is that engaging an architect to work with you in designing your home can sound both daunting and expensive yet ironically as far as both these scenarios are concerned this doesn’t have to be the case.

Model house design in the Philippines should be looked at from several aspects to ensure that you get the home you want. Quite often there is compromise. We as architects have to balance what you the client wants BUT at the same time WE are often limited by what the planners will approve.

Now having said that, it is usually much easier with planners when we design bespoke interiors for flats but, as you can imagine, much more difficult when it comes to detached, semi-detached and terrace housing.

This is where Model house design in the Philippines comes in to play. When the design process starts from the beginning of the brief your architect, through experience, is going to know what will both work for you the client and what will get planning approval where it’s needed. I can’t stress enough how important the concept of ‘balance’ is. Very rarely have my clients had to ‘compromise’ on what they have wanted. It’s because we have put our heads together and got the best possible design from the beginning.

The one thing that remains common to all my clients has been the desire to not only have a comfortable, stylish home where unique design concepts have been implemented but that it ‘feels like home’ to them.

This is important as many of my clients are not investors/developers looking to produce a tasteful design to appeal to purchasers but individuals who are looking for a beautiful home. A home that only a model house design in the Philippines can accomplish.

Model house design in the Philippines is the only way that you are going to get a unique, bespoke home designed to suit your needs and surprisingly it often works out as being extremely cost effective!

Filipino house plans designs

Filipino house plans designs : Cebu , Davao , Laguna , Pampanga , Isabela , Iloilo , Bulacan , Tagaytay , Antique , Batangas , Cavite , Ilocos , Surigao , Romblon , Boholo , Leyte, Cagayan , Bataan, Pangasinan, Baguio

If you are in the market for a new home that you want to design yourself, but want a smaller more affordable home, then a Filipino house plans designs is the perfect choice for you. The style of most bungalows is of a smaller stature with less square footage than the average home. A Filipino house plans designs is the perfect solution for those who live alone or who simply want less area to take care of.

When it comes to designing your Filipino house plans designs, keep in mind that most Filipino house plans designs are one and a half stories. You might consider placing the master bedroom in the downstairs. The second story would hold simply two bedrooms and a bathroom. The second floor could even look down on the first floor if you wish for a more open feel to the smaller area. The downstairs would then house the kitchen, a great room, the laundry room and a powder bath.

Another option that you could consider would be to up the square footage just a little bit. You could put the master bedroom and two more bedrooms on the lower floor. You could then have the kitchen, great room, dining room, laundry room and a main bath on the first floor as well. The second story would be more traditional. The second story would only contain a bonus room of sorts. If you wanted you could even turn this bonus room into a media room.

To make your diminutive Filipino house plans designs appear larger and more inviting you should also considering having a sunroom or large front porch designed into your plans. Either of these options will create an illusion that your home is actually larger than it is, while also adding a touch of relaxation to it as well. A large front porch or sunroom is just what a bungalow style home needs to draw a person’s eye to the dwelling. These features also tend to invite your guests to sit and relax for a spell or two.

If these features aren’t what you are looking for in your new home, then perhaps you should check out some Filipino house plans designs. But if a smaller home is exactly what you are looking for, then a bungalow would be a wise choice. A bungalow is small yet elegant and artistic in its’ own unique way. When you are at home in your bungalow you will feel as though it is in fact a home. A Filipino house plans designs has a way of making the most ordinary of homes feel extraordinary. Sitting down to read the morning’s paper with a cup of coffee will never be the same!