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Philippines: another ROOF DECK, a BIGGER home

This is just another roof deck design, and the (minimalist) house is extended to 40 sq mt; it’s still the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’:

We are already designing a few Waffle Box Homes for clients. Behind the scenes we are very busy with negotiations with several investors and developers in the Philippines about bigger projects; hotels, dormitories, call-center and BPO buildings combined with apartments etc. And all with great ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT) because of the’Waffle Box Building Technology’.

If all goes according to plan, the first ‘Waffle Box Building’ should be a reality this year…

In the next News Letter we show another design still…

 (By Rob Sibonga)

Philippines: here’s the ROOF DECK

This is the first ‘modern minimalist house design’ we show you; with Roof Deck and of course built with our ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’…

Yes, we can offer many house designs; and take a look at that ROOF DECK… That’s a big EXTRA FLOOR SPACE…

This (finished) studio of 20 square meter starts at Php 400,000

By the way; we also build Swimming Pools! Not with the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’; We construct pools using the ‘dry-pack method’ (very dry mix concrete laid on top of the other in clockwise or counterclockwise direction until the pool is completed).  Once started, the workers will not stop until completion. This method is an assurance that leaks in any part of the pool are eliminated. The hollow blocks are acting as formworks only. Our crew built an olympic swimming pool with this method also. 15 years guarantee.  

Next weeks’ newsletter we will show you another roof deck design

Mass Housing and Mid to High Rise Buildings, Dormitories, Rentable apartments in the Philippines

Not only Homes are built at a lower cost with the Waffle Box Building Technology; Mass Housing and Mid to High Rise Buildings, Dormitories, Rentable apartment units, Rent-to-Own condominium units also.

There is an ever-ongoing increase in fuel- and transportation costs; more and more people will want to live/stay near their work… hence INVEST NOW…

(By Rob Sibonga)