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Expandable Housing Philippines

How would you build your home? 1, 2 or 3?

1) If you have enough money; build direct a big home for yourself and your (future) wife, kids etc.
2) If you don’t mind losing good neighbors; build a (too) small house and move to a bigger one in the future.
3) If you are smart; build a small home now and add space when you can afford it; like this:

Starting at only Php 400,000; Rather than creating house designs where the expanded areas look like obvious add-ons, our homes maintain both functionality and curb appeal as they are expanded…

These homes are build with the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’; read more… 


Yes, we can offer many house designs; and take a look at that ROOF DECK… That’s a big EXTRA FLOOR SPACE…

This (finished) studio of 20 square meter starts at Php 400,000

OFWs; your Tip is worth $$$

Promote the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’ abroad… and earn $$$.

The ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’ saves OFWs abroad money when they want to build their home here in the Philippines. And, since the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’ can also be used for ‘investment properties’ (from simple three-storey apartments up to dormitories and hotels) there are many OFWs, developers and investors ABROAD who are interested… because the ‘Return on Investment’ is FAST and HIGH…

Any developer or investor might be interested in using our ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’; licensing.

So; OFWs abroad can spread the word about the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’ and we will reward them when ‘the deal is closed’.

Please help all your relatives in the Philippines and abroad to earn $$$ by telling everybody about the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’.

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(By Rob Sibonga)

Philippines: Can Affordable Houses look this GOOD??

Here’s the first two storey house design of the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’:

As Your One-Stop Source for Real Estate, Development, ‘Legal Paperwork and Permits’, Loans, Design plus Construction, we can build these homes at a lower cost… because of the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’.

…and don’t forget the bonus; a roofdeck.

To give you at least a SOLID home (not hollow blocks) just let us do the Structural Works (Concreting and embedded electric/plumbing pipes) after which you or your local contractor can do the finishings like tiles, doors, paint etc. (But most of our clients let us do the finishings also.)

In the coming weeks we will show you a Minimalist design, a Mediterranean design, roof decks and so much more…