What makes the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’ so Strong?

Well, why are big warehouses so strong?

Because of the special form of the structural steel frame; the ‘Portal Frame’.

And that’s what our engineers incorporate in the ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’, but most of it you don’t see.

A Waffle Box house has a lot of ‘portal frames’; there are 12 portal frames in a studio unit of 20 sq mt.

There are also ‘crisscrossing ribs’ which functions as beams/rafters and act as diaphragm, which makes ‘Waffle Box Building Technology’ a fully integrated structure.

When Waffle Box units are connected to eachother (as in multi-storey apartments etc.), a series of multi-portal frames react, both for vertical loads (weight of building, weight of occupants, furnitures, weight of utilities, snow, roof garden, sand from sand storm, etc) and horizontal loads (earthquake,  hurricanes, winds, etc). in all directions; both in vertical plane as well as in horizontal plane.

… not much built yet here… but in the coming months we are building this house (not Waffle Box);

… and so many more projects we will show you… to be build anywhere in the Philippines; also on a rice-terrace…

(By Rob Sibonga)

(next week the first Mediterranean Waffle Box home design…)