Philippine two storey house design

Philippine two storey house design is the most ideal way of separating areas in the house and demarcating one for play and one for privacy. The most common floor plans put the entertaining areas on the 1st floor and the bedrooms on 2nd floor. But it is left to only one’s imagination as to how you want to segregate the areas.


The first floor plans traditionally have a formal living area, a kitchen and a dining area. Sometimes there is a more casual approach with kitchen / great room configuration and a dramatic soaring ceiling. Here the entryways take center stage and the staircase becomes the focal point. The high ceiling, the grand staircase and the spacious areas between them does add elegance to the design.

Families who seek a cosier atmosphere can select more practical plans like a family room and a fireplace on the first floor along with spacious kitchens with eat-in arrangements, basement recreation etc. The Philippine two storey house design are perfect in city settings, small town streets and as vacation destinations.

Philippine two storey house design is also very economical to build. Here the levels are stacked over one another, like first is the foundation over which the main level is stacked over which an upper level is stacked finally finishing off with the roof. As for the total built up area the Philippine two storey house design has smaller “footprint” compared to similar sized one storey house or ranch. Also as the lot sizes get smaller, prices bounce all over the place, these types of homes may be easier to build while giving you the liberty of having all the design features you wish in your dream home.


The design basics of the Philippine two storey house design can be small, economical and efficient or luxurious elegant houses and anything in between including all the amenities basic and luxury. At the planning stage do also remember to take care of any special family member requirement like senior members of the family, disabilities etc so that their movement around the home is not hindered or troublesome. Planning such two storey homes may not be easy for individuals and hence taking the help of professional architects and experienced builders is advisable.