Philippine building permit requirements and -price depends on the scope of your project and the rate of the Municipality where you want to build. In the Philippines it can be cheaper if you know how to get the building permit yourself in stead of letting your contractor do that (the last is more likely to be asked for some grease money). Welcome to the real world…
Do not even think about building a house in the Philippines without a building permit; a government official might order to stop the ongoing construction with all consequences.

Barangay Clearance for building a house in the Philippines; 

barangay clearance construction house

barangay clearance construction home

It is wise to apply for a buildingpermit (they need a copy of your blueprints) and work with the local building department for legal, safety, and insurance reasons.
Besides enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project meets safety and quality standards, you may also gain protection down the road. Without the Philippine building permits requirements and adherence to the corresponding inspection process, you may find yourself defending shoddy or unsafe work.

Having worked with a permit to build in the Philippines also comes in handy when you sell your house, because real estate laws may require you to disclose whether the Philippine Building Code has been respected.
It is better to work within local building codes. Philippine building permits give you or your contractor formal approval to start a construction project. But before applying for a permit, make sure the construction of your house or commercial building is allowed by your local (subdivision-) building and zoning codes.

Local building codes are based in part on standards set by regional- and national code organizations. These organizations work to ensure that homes are built and remodeled to meet reasonable safety requirements. They protect you and your home.

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