Many subdivisions have an Owner’s Association with a ‘Plan Review Committee’ and they all have their own different rules, regulations and restrictions; maybe they only allow Mediterranean houses, or your home can only be 6 meters in maximum height.
Most municipalities in the Philippines have different rules, regulations and restrictions for your building site; do your homework first.
You should know what the local rules, regulations and restrictions are before you purchase the land, as they may affect the size and shape of the house you want to build.
If you buy a lot in a subdivision; ask how big the ‘setbacks’ and ‘easements’ are. These are portions of your lot that has been set-aside for a specific purpose. For example you can not build too near your neighbor. The easement and setback is still your property but it has restrictions and responsibilities for you as an owner or resident.
TIP: If you are planning to build a house which is significantly bigger and more ‘class’ than the existing homes in the neighborhood, be aware that the resale value might be lower.

A Non-Filipino (‘foreigner’) can not own land in the Philippines.

He can buy the lot that he wants in his (Filipina) spouses name.

Or… he can opt for a long term lease agreement with the land-owner.

Or… he can set up a ‘domestic corporation’ (but that’s a lot of work; ongoing annual SEC and annual/monthly BIR filing documents and fees etc.)

Or… (if you want a simple transaction) the subdivision-developer can issue a CCT (Condo* Certificate of Title) to the foreigner to become owner of a house… 

* (a ‘condo’ is a type of ownership; it’s not a building)

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