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Studio apartments in the Philippines

Imagine: we build this studio-apartment-style home (using the Waffle Box Building Technology) at much lower cost than your local builder can offer with hollow blocks…

PLUS: you will have a roof deck so the party can begin!
PLUS: We can design your house ‘ready for additions’; to expand your home to suit the needs of a growing family.

A studio apartment in the Philippines; sometimes called ‘studio flat’ or ‘bachelor apartments’ they are basically just one room which is used as living room, dining, bedroom and kitchen. Plus a CR and shower.

This is the smallest model home (20.25 sq. mt.) we have for the Waffle Box Building Technology… but here is the next bigger one…

Manila low cost housing in the philippines

During the choice method the highest home builders are your ally. can she be allotted to the architect once the choice is made? You higher hope not, prime|the highest} home builders gets top dollar. for many comes you’ll be wanting the highest home builders to contribute to, not management the project-perhaps in an exceedingly Quality Control/Quality Assurance role, reviewing the architects of the home builders  are accountable for the architect on a daily basis. The one that can architects architect daily is that the person you would like to interview. you would like to guage what it’ll be like operating thereupon person for months to come back. raise shopper references for that home builders and check with those purchasers  will tell you specifically what it absolutely was prefer to architects thereupon person. Listen rigorously to what those purchasers tell you as a result of what they could view a virtue (she referred to as ME double every day to produce updates) may be construction degree annoyance to you.

ON the problem – Contractors Manila would like a License to sell their architects to the general public. you’ll be able to sit down with the Ministry if your contractor is accredited or not. will IT MATTER? Well, on the one hand…it’s the Law and if the contractor does not have it…he’s technically breaking the Law and may be subject to fines or presumably criminal charges. On the opposite hand, it’s few live of qualification. The Exam/Qualifications for passing the wants to get a license aren’t any guarantee. neither is having a permit a guarantee that you simply will not notice incompetent drivers on the road…it’s a nominal “check”. Some decision it extortion from the Gov’t, as a result of it’s ne’er enforced . I’ve referred to as the Ministry variety of times to report contractors that are operational while not a license and zilch ever happens. thus some Pro’s see it as construction degree impotent force, that solely taxes the $64000, honest, industrious and Law enduring contractors whereas rental the blokes that break the principles select Scotsman free and in essence…even facilitate them out by creating their costs even cheaper (Less carrying costs). withal, take it with a grain of salt. Contractors are alleged to have it, and if a contractors does not care regarding the Law…well, that ought to tell you one thing right there regarding their principles/ethics. quite a red flag…but do not assume that simply because a bloke will have a license that nothing might ever get it wrong either. But, they additionally do a Police Background check before provision licenses, and if a bloke does not have a license, even a lot of queries on  you’re hiring. there’s additionally some live of responsibleness therein if the contractor is accredited…you could forever file a grievance with the ministry within the event that one thing will go sideways which individual could have his license revoked.

Most industrialized building systems do NOT lead to affordable housing

Why do most industrialized building systems NOT lead to really affordable housing?
Because most developers jack up the price… sometimes due to the fact that they have to pay high franchising fees to the inventor of the innovative industrialized building system, and pass that on to the end-user.

Waffle Box Building Technology on the other hand is different, it focuses on you (the end-user); making it affordable.

Waffle Box Building Technology is a consumer product; Prefab, pre-finished, plug-in reinforced concrete units.

Waffle Box Building Technology is strong, durable, fast and affordable.