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...In Cebu we build at a GUARANTEED LOWEST COST...


A New Aproach in Philippines Architectural Design

    Artist Mark will design your house or any big project
in cooperation with one of the top Architects in the Philippines.

Because we receive too many complaints from people about
architects or contractors who just do not know how to
visualize exactly what YOUR project should look like...



Photorealistic Architectural Renderings, Brilliant Designs and Captivating Presentations

philippine architect


Philippine Design (Rendering): What will your house / project look like ?

 You probably want to know exactly what your building or project will look like BEFORE the start of the construction

Philippine architects can make a computer-visualization; you will be able to see your proposed project from all directions (3D rendering) and if you want they even let you walk through- or fly over it (on the screen).

3D modeling (a model made out of different materials like wood, paper, plastic etc.) is also possible.

...Even before the contractor builds your project they can already show you (computerized-) pictures...

For (small-) houses but also for big projects...


house Philippines home


philippines modern house design


Philippines Floorplans made more easy to visualize...

list of registered architects in the philippines


Optional a very detailed interior design...

list of licensed architects in the philippines


top architects in the philippines


best architect in the philippines




  • We are artists bringing your ideas to life.

  • Photorealistic architectural renderings, brilliant designs and captivating presentations; let your project generate sales and upgrade options even before the first wall is set up.

  • From small residential projects with limited budgets, to multi-million park and resort developments.

  • We provide architectural interior-exterior design, product design and presentation, with results guaranteed to meet- and hopefully exceed our clients vision.

  • We have been working with architects, engineers and marketing managers worldwide (Philippines Outsourcing Design).

  • Excellent results that are on time and on budget.




  'Free Philippine House Design' can be Very Expensive

Any Philippine architect or engineer has to go through many years of study and a very strict board-exam. Same like doctors and lawyers.  There seems to be a common misconception amongst those who want to build a home in the Philippines; they expect an architect or Philippine contractor to make a sketch of the house and a floorplan...for free...
Doctors and Lawyers do not give free services...
Why would any self-respecting professional give free services? Is he maybe desparate to get a job? That would not be the best choice... and a licensed Philippine architect is by law not allowed to give free services.

Making blueprints is not just 'making a drawing of the house'; it means the architect has to make sure he (and his team of specialists who know all about the soil-type, plumbing, electrical etc.) will create a home that stands for generations. Because according to the Philippines Building Code there is a 15 year accountability on structural mistakes; the engineer or architect who signs the blueprints might be responsable if your building suddenly starts to tilt to the left...or your pool starts leaking. Now you also understand that Philippine architects are NOT EXPENSIVE; you pay the architect not simply for 'making a design'; there is MUCH MORE AT STAKE. You pay for his skills, craftsmanship, experience, arts, value engineering etc.




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 Model House in the Philippines; Design & Architects

Most architects and contractors do not offer a 'standard designed house' (model home) because it can never be exactly what you want; it will not fit your lot and the floorplan is not as you like it etc. Therefore they design a UNIQUE house to fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.

Here are some examples, just select the features you like from any of the pictures:

Philippine House Pictures

Philippine House Design

Philippine Model House

Philippine Home Designs

Interior Design Philippines

Modern Houses in the Philippines


Philippine Houses; which house design to select?

You can not simply 'build the same house like a picture you see somewhere on the Internet'; it is intellectual property of an architect, it is not designed according to your preferences or to fit your lot and a 'foreign design' (blueprints which you buy abroad) has to be changed according to the Philippine Building Code anyway.

The first step in house construction is the 'planning stage'; Philippine architects have the knowledge, skills and experience to design your house. They shape your ideas into a plan and translate them to drawings (blue prints) that will be used by the builders for construction and they are also needed to get a building permit.
Some clients do not want to spend much money for the design thinking that they will just "fix" everything during construction if they want to change anything; this is a costly mistake.
Remember that during the planning stage it is easy to change something on paper while later during construction you might have to demolish part of the building.

Building a house is a professional undertaking. Your house have to be there for generations to come.

You worked hard for funds which are now ready for investment. Do not waste it on imperfect designs which means revisions, renovations, addition, etc. Why not do it right the first time?

Philippine architects can design the house 'up-front' while standing on your lot, while you give directions (even by telephone if you are abroad). They need to know where the sun rises as to position the rooms to profit maximum from the sunlight etc. Your house is being fitted to the lot as well as the environment (surrounding) and to your wishes and budget. Some architects are specialized in Feng Shui, Zen, Minimalist style, modern houses in the Philippines etc.

Included in the designers-team is mostly an electrical professional, a sanitary engineer (designs the plumbing and drainage systems), an interior designer, a landscape architect, a structural engineer, a geotechnical engineer and other professionals. They have the knowledge, skills and experience to design your house.

Changes and/or revisions are common during the design stage of the house. There is NO additional cost for this since this is part of what you are paying for in design development. It’s all about communication and collaboration.

However, changes during actual construction shall be charged accordingly. This is because costings are based on the agreed plan and any change does impact the original costs, obviously.

When the architect has designed the house (planning stage) it is time to make the blueprints.


Philippine House Blue prints

These are the technical documents that illustrate the dimensions, location and orientation of the structure that you want to build in the Philippines. Also the materials to be used are included. Philippine home builders / contractor needs a blueprint to do the actual building. You can not simply buy blue prints abroad; they have to be adjusted to the 'Philippine Building Code'. The price of blueprints depends on the house design and how many pages the blue print. They are also a requirement to get a building permit.

 Philippine architects (and sanitary-, electrical-, civil- engineers) do not simply 'draw a house'; they make sure your house will be structually solid plus comfortable, functional and pleasing for the eye.

 They need to see some examples of designs that you prefer to get an idea of your dream-house and then design a UNIQUE house to fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.

 The price does not come from 'out of nowhere'. In getting the EXACT cost of construction, it is necessary to itemize all scope of works and materials based on complete plans from architects and engineers and you ofcourse.

 Your Philippine contractor will discuss with you what materials you prefer; for example what kind of kitchen and what tiles, doors, roof etc. If you want, they can also guide you to some hardware stores to select the best materials. The price also depends on the total floor area. This way you are the one who deceides what your house will cost.

Building Permit Philippines

Do not even think about building in the Philippines without a building permit; a government official might order to stop the ongoing construction with all consequences.

It is wise to apply for a buildingpermit and work with the local building department for legal, safety, and insurance reasons.

Besides enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project meets safety and quality standards, you may also gain protection down the road. Without the Philippine building permits requirements and adherence to the corresponding inspection process, you may find yourself defending shoddy or unsafe work. Having worked with a permit to build in the Philippines also comes in handy when you sell your house, because real estate laws may require you to disclose whether the Philippine Building Code has been respected.

It is better to work within local building codes. Philippine building permits give you or your contractor formal approval to start a construction project. But before applying for a permit, make sure the construction of your house or commercial building is allowed by your local (subdivision-) building and zoning codes. Local building codes are based in part on standards set by regional- and national code organizations. These organizations work to ensure that homes are built and remodeled to meet reasonable safety requirements. They protect you and your home.

Philippine building permit requirements and -price depends on the scope of your project and the rate of the Municipality where you want to build.

Philippine contractors





Philippines Business & Entrepreneurs Consultancy

We have formed a powerful group of expats living in the Philippines and Boracay who are entrepreneurs and specialist in the field of Sustainable Development, Tourism, Real Estate & Construction, Agriculture, Philippine Law, Investment, Health Care, Immigration, Marketing and Website/Video Optimization.

 Our group assists other expats to retire in the Philippines and/or set up a business; ‘Managed by Expats, Enjoyed by Expats’.

 Together with the Philippine government we are developing selected locations as Unique World Class Sustainable Tourism & Retirement Havens which retain their beauty and quiet and idyllic lifestyle.

 Other projects of us are focussed on Organic Farming, Sustainable Scuba Diving Sites, SEO and Video Marketing Outsourcing.

 We like to talk to other entrepreneurs who understand the word 'Sustainable'.

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