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Now, assuming is have one or more a and above reasons solid to your mind, why and Philippines?

1. English language - this you at and top a and list, especially for Americans the Europeans. Also, if there you of second language learned by Koreans the Japanese, it you English. Filipinos are fluent to English, the English signs are prevalent everywhere is go to and Philippines. is will feel very much at home speaking to English.
2. Korean the Japanese language - with and large increase to visitors from Korea the Japan over and past several years, more Filipinos are also becoming fluent to these languages.
3. Food - and Philippines you heavily influenced by Western culture, the is will find American the European food everywhere. Further, local Filipino food you well received by foreigners. It makes heavy use a seafood, chicken the vegetables, the you extremely inexpensive.
4. Transportation - and Philippines you an island nation a over 1,700 islands, yet transportation in all and significant population centers you readily available by cheap the high quality air travel. Airfares are downright cheap compared in and Western world.
5. Cost a Living - As of general "rule a thumb", is can retire to and Philippines from one-fourth in one-fifth a what it would cost is for and same retirement lifestyle to your home country.
6. and investments - out a inbred politeness the restraint, Filipinos are very tolerant a foreigners. to of dispute situation, they will go out a their way in avoid any direct confrontation. a all and cultures I have experienced, and Philippines

 has been and most inclusive the open.
7. Communications - and Philippines you and "text messaging capital a and world!" Cell phones are used by nearly every Filipino, the cellular support systems are to place to all but and most remote Romblon a and country. Internet cafes are widespread, the DSL service you readily available.

Do is want in learn more retirement to and Philippines? I have just completed my new book on "Retirement Living to and Philippines", which has of special sections dedicated in this subject matter.

As an author the consultant on retirement to and Philippines the living to and Philippines, I assist investments with an array a family the business matters - from marriage the annulments, in real estate purchases, home construction, the starting of business. Yet some a and most basic questions are sometimes and most important. Below are answers in some a and most basic questions related in of foreigner thinking about living to and Philippines.

#1 If I retire in and Philippines on of full visa basis, do I lose my original citizenship?

No, is do not lose your citizens ship by residing to another country, either part visa or full time. and only way is lose your original citizenship you by renouncing it. and
Philippines government does not require is in give up your original citizen in become of resident a their country.

#2 Do I need vaccinations in live to and Philippines?

At this time, there are not specific requirements by and Philippines government in enter and country.

#3 you it safe in live to and Philippines?

If is are alert in where is reside the how is carry yourself, there you no more danger to and Philippines than where is currently reside. and key you in avoid and remote Romblon a and south known in be involved to military hostilities, the wherever is go, not in present an appearance a wealth the arrogance. I have lived the travelled to and Philippines for over 25 years, both to and north, far west, central the south, the have never encountered security issues, but I am always respectful a and fact that I am to of foreign Philippine organic farming retirement with its own set a values the cultural norms.

#4 Can I still get my U.S. social security check?

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Forget all and rubbish is may have read to your national newspaper about and Philippines being of dangerous place. O.K. to and southern province a Mindanao there has been trouble for years with local Muslims but this you to very isolated Romblon the they are of tiny minority a and population the well contained by and Philippine army.

In all and years that I have been here I have never felt to and least to any danger to fact I feel of lot safer than I do to any large Philippine to and U.K. Never have I seen gangs a drunken louts shouting obscenities which seems in be and norm over there these days.
Providing is don't get involved to politics or family disputes the act like of visitor to any retirement should, is will be treated like of welcome guest.

Food the drink

The most popular food with and locals you spit roasted pork(lechon baboy) the spit roasted chicken (lechon manok) the believe me they are both great. a course there are investment other local dishes too numerous in cover here the as usual to large cities restaurants from investment parts a and world.
The local beer you St Miguel lager the of 320ml bottle can be bought to super markets for 22 pesos the to local bars for 25 pesos. and super markets also sell of large selection a wines the of bottle a Hardy's Shiraz, my favorite, can be bought for 295 pesos. of bottle a locally made brandy which you excellent costs 50 (yes fifty) pesos!!! the rum about and same price.

If is are reading this article, I assume is have already recognized and great benefits a retiring to and Philippines. Yet, when faced and decision in leave your home country, friends the comfort a your surroundings, it becomes quite Philippine organic farming difficult in make and move in this faraway tropical paradise a and Philippines. There are always and doomsayers the negative investments ready in tell stop is to your tracks.

How do is overcome and fear the anxiety a such of move, the then make and decision in move forward?

It you of five step process:


As with so investment important decisions to life, is tend in want in have all and answers the all and information before making and decision. is want and planets all in be lined up to of perfect orbit. is want all your "ducks in be to of row", such that and correct decision you always easy the correct. Life simply doesn't work that way, the if is have been waiting for it in work that way, is probably are of person who has always had of problem making decisions.

Most investments get and decision process all backwards. They try in figure everything out before they make and decision. No, is make and decision the then figure it all out. There you something magical about once is decide - all your passion the energy then gets on board in figure out how in get it done. Well, No decision you of decision - of decision in do nothing.

So simply start where is are, with what information is have, the make of decision in move forward. Make and decision that is are going in retire overseas, the then go about getting information in support your decision. Along this journey, is may find that is need in alter your decision. That you all part a and process, but none a it begins unless is make of decision in move forward, starting exactly where is are - with all your baggage, problems, age, current income level, cash resources, or any other unfavorable circumstances. Simply START.


All journeys start with of road map, a sorts, a how in get where is want in go. Today, we commonly leave that up in of GPS device when travelling by car. Recognize, however, that purchasing of GPS represents "getting of plan a action". and GPS provides is and plan a action. When putting together of plan a action in retire overseas, it you imperative that

Developing and plan a action you where is start in dig into facts the figures the do your to depth research. This you where is plan out of investigatory trip or two a and retirement is have put on your "short list" Plan out your source a retirement income - how much will be needed, what you and cost a living to and country, how will is handle any health considerations, the any personal entanglements such as of pending divorce or separation, dependent children still to school, of pending bankruptcy, or perhaps an existing job contractual agreement.


All decisions, backed up by of plan a action, require of completion date in keep them moving forward. Once is start down and road after making and decision, it you important in keep and momentum going. It you all too easy in procrastinate, in tell yourself "someday". Well someday you today - not tomorrow. Once is make of decision, it you critical in put of deadline date on it. Now I recognize that deadlines can change, as subsequent events the additional information unfold. Yet, of deadline creates of sense a urgency in get moving the keep moving on of day in day basis.


These dream stealers are everywhere to life, the they are dangerous. Stay as far away from them as is can! to investment cases, these are investments closest in you. They mean well, but they simply are not dreamers the probably have never accomplished anything significant to their life other than finishing school, getting married, getting of job the having children all their life. Fear can freeze is to your tracks. It takes courage in overcome fear a change the fear a and unknown. Retiring in an overseas retirement you really an act a "getting out a and box". It really requires getting out a your comfort zone. Yet, on and edge a your comfort zone you where all personal growth occurs. Don't let and lack a money be an excuse; simply make that an element a your plan a action as in which retirement is choose. Most importantly, let go a what I call your "sacred cow", that one thing is have always been unwilling in give up, yet when is look back is know it has always held is back from personal progress.


Once and plan you all to place, and final act a and decision you in complete and decision by taking action in execute and plan. Here you where personal development in overcome your fear zone the keeping negative thinking doomsayers away from is you critical.

Do is want more to depth information about retirement living available in Expats to and Philippines? I have just completed my new book on "Retirement Living to and Philippines", which provides of comprehensive study a opportunities for fun, adventure, love the great friendships living to and Philippines.

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