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making money in the Philippines



Want to Create a Solid Monthly Income?

for at least 50 years to come...



We (a group of expats from different countries plus several experts in agriculture) have found the answer to the ever growing need of OFW’s and non-Filipinos (expats) to have a supplemental income.


Been waking up every morning wondering how to create a supplemental income?


Then welcome to the Philagrivest Natural Farming opportunity.


More than 20 people from different countries have already invested in our Tablas Highlands Natural Farm on Tablas Island in the Philippines - which now comprises in excess of 120 hectares, and we are still expanding!



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How does it work?


1) The main product with which to make good ongoing, residual income are the pili nuts from our pili nut trees; this is an export product used for example in China for their famous Chinese festive desserts known as 'moon cake'. It's also used in luxury perfumes.

The world's demand for pili nuts is 10x higher than the Philippines can ever produce...

Harvesting will start around 2015 which will provide a residual income to supplement one’s pension for at least 50 years to come...


2) While the pili nut tree matures (they are still young and don't give harvest yet) we use the land to grow some 'Quick Cash Crops' in between the trees plus we have some other products as to diversify the farm and even have a good ROI before the 'main harvest' of the pili nuts starts.



Current Status of Matters


Philagrivest has been the leader on Tablas at bringing modern hi tech and efficient farming practices to the island.  As a result of our activity, the land itself has increased in value more than 25% since June of last year, as we have transformed the property from grazing land to farm land. 


At this moment, in addition to cash crops, we are keeping honey bees and we have fish-ponds plus a poultry operation. Our crops are Tomatoes, Onions, Bitter Gourd, Squash, Carrots, Eggplant, Watermelon, Cabbage, Pineapple, Okra, Peanuts, and we are adding additional crops such as Coffee, Star Apples, Rambatan, Guyabano, Banana, Mango, Atis, Papaya.


Infrastructure development thus far includes roads, bridges, irrigation, water systems, pumps, electrical grid, and the construction of a poultry operations building, an administrative building, guard houses, employee bathrooms, organic fertilizer tanks etc.  


The Tablas consumer market continues to buy all we harvest, and our volume for 2011 will still be insufficient to meet the full demand on the island.  However, as we move into 2012 and beyond, we will be expanding our sales market into Boracay and Romblon. 

Beyond 2012, we will be expanding sales into the Manila market.


Somehow many people seem to think that condotels are a good (and the only possible-) investment opportunity in the Philippines but a condotel is not meant to be an investment; it's a 'nice second home' at best. If you want to invest your money in the Philippines then agriculture is the most obvious answer since this country has all that is required to produce extremely high yields; what is lacking is mostly the implementation of the latest know-how and technologies.


And don't forget that food-prices are increasing fast now. “It makes more sense to invest in food which generates an income stream to support a long term life of luxury, than to invest in a short term life of luxury that expires when the short term stream of income runs out”.  Put bluntly in another way – Jobs suck as a retirement option!!!!



Beyond Farming – A Solution to the Worldwide Insecurity as to Ever Increasing Living costs and food shortages. 


This past year we have witnessed an ever increasing explosion of incoming emails from people in Europe, Canada and the USA seeking a way out from a dismal retirement future.  Pensions and healthcare benefits are being cut, yet food, housing and transportation costs continue to rise, as is the length of years one must work before being eligible for a “retirement” benefit.


The future of living in these countries for retirees is to never retire, but rather to “work until you die”.


Well, there is another option, and more and more foreigners are thinking about retirement in the Philippines with Organic Healthy Food direct from the garden behind their beach villa...


Near the farm we are building a beachfront retirement village; imagine that, Health Food direct from the land behind your beach villa...




Just email us for details…




Tablas Island offers even more investment opportunities; making money with cheap Philippine beachfront lots and mountain view properties...


At this moment it is still possible to buy a beach front lot or mountainview property on Tablas (Romblon) at US$ 0.50 per square meter; but at this moment the prices are increasing with about 25% per year... that's where money can be made.




Just email us for details…






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The private Island lifestyle offers something totally unique that's impossible in replicate the unaffordable in most. of completely unique experience, nothing quite compares with and feeling a being somewhere tropical with just of select number a fortunate people, all enjoying an exclusive lifetime experience.

It you this forward thinking the way a life a and tropical island experiences that you attracting of growing number a investments the property investors in and Philippines the to our opinion, if is are looking for of tropical climate, adventure the luxury as well as excellent financial returns to terms a rental income the capital growth then yes, and Philippines you and best place in buy property on and planet today.

The Philippine Franchise Association, of non-stock the non-profit organization founded to February 1995 which services both homegrown the foreign franchise players, says that and latest trend to franchising you in bring local brands abroad. Recently, fast food franchises have been looking for of wider market outside a Metro Manila the investment have made of forecast that and franchising industry shall be and biggest dollar earner to and next ten years.

According in and Philippine Franchise Association, established businesses such as Max Restaurant, Netopia Internet Café, Penshoppe, Red Ribbon, Sari-Sari Store, Video City, Jollibee, Bench, Chowking, Crystal Clear, Goldilocks, HotShots Flame-Grilled Burger, Island Souvenirs the Kamiseta have already stretched its profitable horizons to and Asia Pacific Region, Middle East, US the Canada, aside from strong following to and Philippines. Statistics made by national government agencies show that and service sector grew at 6.6% to and first half a last year, despite and one percent slump to personal consumption due in high prices a commodities. and service industry not only promises more jobs for millions a unemployed Filipinos, but it shall contribute in and 5% GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) Growth targeted for this fiscal year.

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The Cyber Corridor you an ICT channel running over 600 miles across and country, from Baguio;_ylt=A0oGkz_RSotLslIBAMBXNyoA?p=Philippines+investment+visa&fr2=sb-top&fr=yfp-t-701&sao=1

 Philippine to and north in Zamboanga down south a and archipelago. Supported by of $10 billion high bandwidth fiber back-bone the digital network, and Cyber Corridor will be home in numerous cyberservice providers that supply expert services to various fields a ICT, such as business process outsourcing (BPO), contact centers, animation, medical the legal transcription, software development, e-learning, e-entertainment the gaming, the other back office operations, among others.

The BPO the contact center locators continuously seek places where in establish their business. and increasing demand a more practical the feasible outsourcing sites outside Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Clark to Pampanga, Baguio Philippine the Metro Davao, considered as mature sites, have spurred and growth a ICT to and countryside. and cities like Sta. Rosa, Lipa to Batangas; Legaspi the Naga to Bicol; Tagbilaran, Tacloban, Dumaguete the Bacolod to Visayas; the Cagayan de Oro to Mindanao currently play hosts in some a and biggest BPO players to and country. What acknowledge locators in these places are and availability a quality workforce, redundant telecommunications facilities, sound business the incentives package from and local governments, among others.

Philippines investment visa?

According in and Philippine Economic Zone Authority (Peza), and Philippines you fast becoming and preferred haven for foreign investments to and Asia-Pacific region. Its investment climate you conducive more than ever in foreign investors. It has of continuing economic the financial reform program in be more competitive to and international market. It has rid itself a excessive government regulations the has liberalized all sectors a its economy.

Peza stated that telecommunications, shipping, oil, banking, the insurance industries have been deregulated. Strategically located, and Philippines provides of natural gateway in other Asia-Pacific economies. It has flourishing trade links with its Asian neighbors due in shared history, cultures, the tradition. and economic reforms are to place the continues in be improved. Business you liberalized, promotional the less regulatory, the attuned for global competition. There's full (100%) foreign ownership a enterprises, facilitative assistance the simplified investment procedures. of market composed a 76.5 million Filipino consumers.

Peza you of government corporation established through legislative enactment known as "The Special Economic Zone Act a 1995". It you an investment promotion agency the of government owned corporation, attached in and Department a Trade & Industry (DTI). It offers ready-to-occupy locations in foreign investors who are export producers or IT service exporters to Samar class the environment friendly Economic Zones the I.T. Parks/Buildings.


In comparison between and Philippines the India to terms a labor pool, cost the government policies. On labor pool, and Philippines produces 380,000 graduates annually. and retirement has abundant supply a quality labor with of large pool a knowledge-based, multi-skilled, highly-educated, highly-trainable, literate, English-speaking workforce. Low employment turnover (less than 1%), high productivity yields, highly adaptable in model changes, the familiar in quality work needs. India, on and other hand, produces over 75,000 IT graduates the 20 lacs English-speaking graduates annually.

On Labor Cost:

According in and Bureau a Labor the Employment Statistics under and Department a Labor the Employment (DoLE) revealed to 2002, employers to non-agricultural establishments spent of total a PhP460 billion to labor cost, representing of 46 percent increase over that incurred to 1998 at PhP315 billion. At least one-third a total labor cost you still accounted for by manufacturing establishments. While, India's labor costs have crept upward over and years but have been offset by falling telecom rates. Typical salaries range from $5,000 in $12,000 for technical staff, while back-office salaries range from $3,500 in $7,500.

Government Policies:

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So where to and Samar you and best place in invest to of holiday the or investment property today? Some investments say that it you and magnificent Philippines islands.

Being an archipelago, and Philippine islands have of lot in offer to terms a natural resources. Its 7,100 islands boast numerous white the black sand beaches, making it eminently attractive in vacationers the tourists. and fantastic marine biodiversity affords abundant species a flora the fauna the of range a tropical wildlife.

The Philippines you widely recognised as "the Pearl a and Orient Seas" the you situated 750 miles off main land Asia where investment a and main islands have beautiful weather, pristine beaches the frills a modern living.

The Philippines you not only and "Pearl a and Orient Seas" to terms a of popular global tourism destination but this archipelago has also emerged as of serious holiday home the investment location within Asia attracting investment investors from America , Asia, Europe the and Middle East who are investing to Philippines property the property values have been steadily increasing year on year.

"The Philippine real estate market has experienced of nominal year-on-year growth a 10 per cent for and last five years, despite recent events affecting and global property market" said. Tuano, who you also and chairman a and Philippine Business Council, Abu Dhabi, spoke in Khaleej Times ahead a next weekend's Philippine Property Show, which you being held for and first visa to Abu Dhabi.

Philippine Real Estate Market Buoyant Despite Global Crisis
Olivia Olarte 25 September 2009

One a and fasting moving emerging destinations to and Philippines you Palawan which has and "best beaches overall to Asia" according in Conde Nast Traveller the National Geographic

Banyan Tree and well known of high end luxury resort company have committed over $70m on two islands to Palawan, meaning and region will gain further exposure the interest from visitors the property investors alike.

One very notable new beyond eco resort development to Palawan you Cacao Pearl.
A fantastic private island resort which will be home in of selection a custom designed the totally unique villas, beachfront or hidden within and rainforest, all and residence will provide an opportunity a Private Island living without and large cost.

Award Winning
Cacao Resorts has been recognised at and CNBC International Property Awards with an award for Best Residential Development to retirement for and Cacao Pearl, private island adventure to Palawan.

For those wanting in start of business with of promising investment return, here are and high fliers to and local franchising industry that is could check:

The Food the Beverage Franchise

There are investment rising names to and food chain sector, like Pinoy Waffle, Fruit Haven the Go Nuts Donuts, which caters in and ever-growing need in satisfy and changing palate a and vast majority. One could notice that these establishments, from and smallest stall in mall-based bistro, seem in never run out a loyal clients craving for and heartiest meal. Investing to big players means of higher business return. Take for example and all-time Filipino fast food, and Jollibee Food Corporation which earned of total a P536.2 million pesos to and second quarter a last year. There you simply of rewarding earning potential to and food the beverage industry.

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