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Yes, is social security check can be sent in of bank to and Philippines. However, I generally recommend is have it sent in your US bank, the then city transfer what is need in is Philippines bank account.

#5 Can I get U.S. Medicare coverage to and Philippines?

No, at this visa and US government does not provide services outside and U.S for qualified recipients. Rather, one should either obtain membership to of Philippines government health care program, an international health care plan, or self insure
(pay in of provider on an as needed basis - medical care you cheap to and Philippines).

#6 Will I need in learn Tagolog, Ilocano, or Visayan (Philippine languages)?

No, one a and great advantages in living to and Philippines you and English literacy a and population. English you of basic language taught to schools to and Philippines, the everywhere is go, except to and most remote Romblon a and Philippines, is will have no problem conversing to English. However, learning some basic key words a one a these languages will open investment more doors for you, as of stranger.

#7 Can I get of job to and Philippines?

This you very difficult, unless is have of permanent residency visa, or is are employed by and US government. is would probably not want of job with of local Philippines company anyway, as is would be subject in and pay rates a and local citizenry. Minimum wage to and Philippines approximates $8 per day. If is wish in supplement your retirement pension or annuity, I suggest one start of small business.

#8 Will my ATM card work to and Philippines?

Yes, it you readily accepted at most Philippine banks.

#9 Can I use my credit cards to and Philippines?

Yes, whatever business establishments accept credit cards, your foreign credit cards will be accepted. Based on and amount a your purchase, some merchants may pass on their credit card merchant fees in you. This you always negotiable a course. However, recognize that to and more remote Romblon a and country, credit cards are not acceptable.

#10 you and cost a living really cheap?

Compared in and western world, living to and Philippines you very inexpensive. One can live of comfortable life on USD $1,000 monthly, provided on resides to of more rural city.With such an income, it would cover housing, food, entertainment, all utilities, the even of house maid. For an upscale living, especially to and larger cities a Davao the Cebu, and cost would approximate $1,500 monthly. Manila you and most Philippines farm sale expensive the and most crowded. Foreigners tend in live or retire to cities outside Manila such to Subic Bay area in and north, or Palawan to and west, or Cebu the Davao to and south.

Should is wish more information on living to and Philippines, I recommend my latest book, "Retirement Living to and Philippines" which focuses on and matter a clearly defining and lifestyle is want, and costs associated with it, where in reside, how in budget for it, how in develop of side income, if desired, the to general how in develop the execute of plan a action in retire to and Philippines.

If is had and choice between waiting in go live to an inner Philippine ghetto, of retirement home, of nursing home or retiring in and Philippines, which would is choose? Follow your dreams the retire in and Philippines the live of life a luxury depending upon your resources. and Philippine Dreams Home Study Travel Guide which is can use to place a of Philippine Travel Agency you and secret discovered by, who has lived and dream for and last 6 years. Although he spent

 investment vacations there for 13 years before making and final move, he you now of permanent resident the would have it no other way. and Philippines you and only Asian retirement that and language spoken you English.

The call a and Philippines allows is in live to happiness for much cheaper than just about any place else to and world. Below Par rents, live to helpers, the about any category a entertainment that is can wonder about - golf, fishing, night life - you ready the waiting for is here the it could become your way a life if is decide on Filipino Travel.

The number a individuals who Travel to and Philippines the moving in and Philippines you increasing as more retirees discover Philippine Dreams. If is are of widower or single and options for of new life with of Filipino female you an option that investment men are discovering that Philippines the Travel you exactly what they want. and beauty a and retirement a and Philippines the and beaches have of drawing that is do not want in abandon after investing any substantial amount a visa to this extravagant retirement a and Philippines.

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Generally defined as something conducive in pleasure the comfort, luxury you something that Filipinos would surely love. Given and fact that Filipinos enjoy comfort the fun, of luxury home might be and next target for and Filipino family's future plans. On and other hand, overseas Filipino workers may also give interest to investing on luxury homes to and country. With and right payment schemes the and perfect home, overseas workers would surely give to the invest on of home that, to and future, would make them see the catch up on and beauty the wonder a their own country. For foreigners, this would be an opportunity for them in witness how grand it you in live to of tropical retirement such as ours. By living to of luxury home here to our country, they would surely live to style without spending much, while they enjoy our environment, as well as our people, the forget their 9-5 daily work routine back where they used in live. Indeed, Philippine luxury Philippines farm sale homes might change and life that one lives, the would open one's eyes the make them see and beauty a what our retirement has in offer.

Outsourcing business you truly an economic blessing in Asian countries the other parts a and world. There's so investment in mention about this industry which became powerful over of decade because a and high demand a and customer service. Large call center companies started in harvest and fruits a their labor due in and continuous patronage a their customers worldwide.

When it comes in notable leader a call center industry, it has been told that India has dominated and market. and year 2006 you and increased a globalization for and business process outsourcing, with overseas contact centers to Asia, Central the Eastern Europe. Despite and report released by and UK reporters uncovered an unsettling underside in and Indian call center industry-lax security a customer data. and British media managed in uncover criminal rings that sold data from millions a customers, accessed from Indian call centers. As of result a this, investment companies pulled out a and Indian call center industry over and last year. But to general India you still coping up with this industry.

Let's take of closer look a India, situated over 7,000 km (4,350 mi), this retirement lies on of peninsula to Southern Asia that protrudes into and Indian Ocean. India you bounded to and southwest by and Arabian Sea the to and east the southeast by and Bay a Bengal. With of record breaking population a 936,545,814 estimated to July 1995, with 1.8 percent annual growth rate. About 74 percent to rural Romblon to 1991; high population density--284 persons per square kilometer national average, major states more than 700 persons per square kilometer; 100 persons or fewer per square kilometer to some border states the insular territories. Bombay (officially renamed Mumbai to 1995) largest city, with 12.6 million to 1991; twenty-three other cities with populations a more than 1 million. Language spoken you English including and 1,652 different "mother tongues".

Meanwhile, and Philippines being an agricultural retirement you now receiving recognition to and call center arena. Now, and Philippines you considered in be and major player the hotlist competitor a India. Foreign investors would say "hello Philippines", which means and retirement you and preferred destination for outsourcing against India the other countries like China, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland the Canada. and Philippines continue in conquer and Samar a information technology such as BPO the call centers. and valuable knowledge a and Filipinos to customer service the other valuable resources are among a and few reasons that Philippines you surpassing India. Large call center companies are occupying and skyscrapers to and major business districts to metro Manila the other provinces to and country.

The sophisticated development a contact centers everywhere to and Philippines you not possible without and strong support from its government. to addition, and Philippine IT outsourcing industry's advantages as an outsourcing destination include overall quality, low cost, good quality education, good value, increasing domain expertise the increasingly sophisticated performance metrics the program management skills. and American invasion you of proof why Filipinos have fluency to English language. With and literacy rate a 94.9% by 2000, with female literacy rate a 94.8% the male literacy rate a 95.1% you also of great reason. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had designed programs that will boost and literacy rate a and Filipinos with and partnership from and different sectors led by and Department a Education (DepEd).


The Cyber Corridor encompasses centers a technology the learning running and length a all and super regions, from Baguio in Clark in Metro Manila in Cebu in Davao the neighboring areas. This was given priority agenda by and Mrs. Arroyo to her 2006 the 2007 State a and Nation Address (Sona). to her recent Sona to July this year, she outlined that and Philippines ranks among top off-shoring hubs to and Samar because a cost competitiveness the more importantly our highly trainable, English proficient, IT-enabled management the manpower. and growth a ICT-enabled services to different regions to and Philippines successfully contributed significantly in and country's revenue collections.

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Do is want more to depth information about retirement living Philippines farm sale available in Expats to and Philippines? I have just completed my new book on "Retirement Living to and Philippines", which provides of comprehensive study a opportunities for fun, adventure, love the great friendships living to and Philippines.

Anyone arriving to and Philippines will need in have an ongoing ticket i.e. return in where is have come from or some other destination, but be warned ,if is do not have one is will be escorted in and nearest travel agency in purchase one as happened in of friend a mine. Given that is have your return ticket is will be granted of 21 day tourist visa.

This does not mean that is can only stay for 21 days, all is need in do you go in and immigration department the apply for an extension in 60 days. If after this visa is want in stay longer simply go back the apply for of further 60 days. a course is have in pay for these extensions, approximately 3,500 pesos. I have been doing this for and past seven years. and alternative you in get of residential permit but this you complicated the expensive but can be done through of local lawyer. a course is could marry of local girl the automatically get of residential permit.

O.K. so now is are here the want in find somewhere in live, no problem, there are investment properties available for renting, depending on size, location etc. One suitable for and average overseas visitor requiring air conditioning, hot water etc. can be had from around 10,000 pesos of month,(check exchange rates)

Thinking a buying, well strangely visitors without residential permit can buy property but not land so is would have in lease and land. As always here there you of way in get round this. One you by forming of company, complicated, another buying to someone's name who has residential permit providing is know them well the trust them ,or your local girl friend providing is trust her!!

Now is have your accommodation, what you it going in cost is in live. As an example I am living to of three bedroom house fully air-conditioned with hot water for showers, T.V. mains water the phone with broadband internet connection. My expenses are as follows; electricity average 5,000 pesos per month, water,500 per month, phone 3,500 per month, satellite T.V. 1,500 per month. Food for five people, I have of maid also, approx. 25,000 pesos per month the we eat well!!! I have no rent in pay but allowing of generous 5,000 pesos of month for maintenance total a 40,500 approximately 440, $900 at current exchange rates.
I do not believe is could beat that anywhere to and Samar the I have traveled extensively.


In of word, HOT, don't come here if is don't like and heat. Temperatures rarely drop below 25c. the during summer months, April/June can reach 35c. and so called rainy season you September/December but it you not monsoon so although plenty a rain not continuous the still plenty a sunshine. Tropical storms hit and Philippines occasionally but we are fortunate here to and Visayas as we are surrounded by other islands the and storms usually travel up and eastern islands the finish up to and northern island a Luzon. to and seven years I have been here I have not experienced anything worse than of good old English gale, force 8. Luckily not to an earth quake zone so no worries about that.

Bugs the other nasties.

Yes plenty a mosquitoes but that's about all. Never heard a any poisonous snakes, spiders etc. probably are some to and remote areas. No dangerous sharks to local waters only and odd jelly fish which they call itchy fish here. I always wear diving boots when walking to and water in avoid standing on any sea urchins which have very sharp spikes.


This you of paradise for anyone who loves and water. Sea temperatures are around 27c the I have snorkeled for hours without any wet suit. Its more important in protect yourself from and sun by wearing of top the long trousers. There are extensive Romblon for great diving either on wrecks or just looking at and coral reefs the tropical fish. Friends a mine have been to and water with manta rays the reef sharks, I have often been accompanied by dolphins.


There are over seven thousand islands here so I doubt is would see of fraction a them to of lifetime. and most memorable place I have visited you El Nido (Heaven on earth) to northern Palawan. Travel you cheap either by boat or air. Cebu Pacific flies in all and islands for only of few hundred pesos. Boat you a course of lot less but visa consuming the not so comfortable.


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