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Building affordable houses and schools in the Philippines




After more than 10 years of research there is every reason to believe that this way of building offers the best hope for the near future to satisfy a significant portion of the critical need for the mass-production of affordable housing (low cost housing, social housing) and school classrooms in the Philippines.





A special Philippine building material is used, made of lightweight concrete (sand plus cement) and recyclable fillers (such as polystyrene, cardboard and volcanic ash) bonded together with a special compound. It is also reinforced with steel.

The building process is essentially 'tilt-up construction' with the panels framed in channel steel ready to be welded together on a pre-poured concrete floor pad by the developer or contractor.

Each building unit package contains eight pre-formed four-inch thick panels for exterior walls (including preset windows, doors, plumbing and electric wiring), roof and interior walls to enclose a bathroom. A trained crew of four can erect a 30 to 50 square meter home in one or two days, fully meeting Philippine National Housing standards.

It offers the best value for safe, healthful and affordable (low cost-) housing in the Philippines and has the necessary qualities to meet all of the strength and durability requirements to withstand adverse climatic and geological conditions. (typhoons, earthquakes etc.)

You can view a model in Manila utilizing this system

Many developers, governmental housing agencies, institutional housing sponsors and other residential-building affiliates are showing interest; there is already a purchase order for over twenty thousand units comprising at least seven separate projects in the Philippines.

Five additional production-plants are being planned in areas having sufficient housing construction backlog to support each plant for the next ten years.



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