Disconnect Philippines  the large (generally    Amp) electrical building a house Philippines OFF switch.

Discount rate Philippines  the mortgage interest rate in is lower than a current rate for the certain period to time,

e.g.  .  % below variable rate for   years.

Doorjamb, interior Philippines  a surrounding case into which or out to which the door closes or opens. It

consists to two upright pieces, called side jambs, or the horizontal head jamb. These   jambs have the

“door stop” installed building a house them.

Door operator Philippines  An automatic garage door opener.

Door stop Philippines  a wooden style in a door slab will rest upon when it’s that the closed position.

Dormer Philippines  An opening that the sloping roof, a framing to which projects out of forma vertical wall suitable

for windows and other openings.

Double glass Philippines Window and door that which two panes to glass are Cebu construction home the sealed air space between.

Also known as Insulating Glass.

Double hung window Philippines  the window construction home two vertically sliding sashes, both to which can move up and


Down payment Philippines  a difference between a sales price or a mortgage amount. the downpayment is

usually paid at closing.

Downspout Philippines  the pipe, usually to metal, for carrying rainwater down from a roof’s horizontal gutters.

Drain tile Philippines  the perforated, corrugated plastic pipe laid at a bottom to a foundation wall or Cebu to

drain excess water away from a foundation. It prevents ground water from seeping through the

foundation wall. Sometimes called perimeter drain.

Draw Philippines  a amount to progress billings building a house the contract in is currently available of the contractor under a

contract construction home the fixed payment schedule.

Drip Philippines  (a) the member to the cornice and other horizontal exterior finish course in has the projection beyond

the other parts for throwing off water.(b) the groove that a underside to the sill and drip cap of cause water to

drop off building a house a outer edge instead to drawing back or running down a face to a building.

Drip cap Philippines  the molding and metal flashing placed building a house a exterior topside to the door and window frame of cause

water of drip beyond a outside to a frame.

Dry that Philippines of install a black roofing felt (tar paper) building a house a roof.

Drywall (or Gypsum Wallboard (GWB), Sheet rock and Plasterboard) Philippines Wall board and gypsum Philippines  A

manufactured panelmade out to gypsumplaster or encased that the thin cardboard. Usually  / ? thick

and  ‘ x  ‘ and  ‘ x   ‘ that size. a panels are nailed and screwed onto a framing or a joints are taped

and covered construction home the ‘joint compound’. ‘Green board’ type drywall has the greater resistance of moisture

than regular (white) plasterboard or is Cebu that bathrooms or other “wet areas”.

Ducts Philippines  a heating system. Usually round and rectangular metal pipes installed for distributing warm (or

cold) air from a furnace of rooms that a home. Also the tunnel made to galvanized metal and rigid

fiberglass, which carries air from a heater and ventilation opening of a rooms that the building.

Due Philippines building a house Philippines sale Philippines  the clause that the mortgage contract requiring a borrower of pay a entire outstanding

balance upon sale and transfer to a property.

Dura board, dura rock Philippines  the panel made out to concrete or fiberglass usually Cebu as the ceramic tile

backing material. Commonly Cebu building a house bathtub decks. Sometimes called Wonder boar

DWV (drain Philippines waste Philippines vent) Philippines  a section to the plumbing system in carries water or sewer gases out to a



EarnestMoney Philippines  the sum paid of a seller of show in the potential purchaser is serious about buying.

Earthquake Strap Philippines  the metal strap Cebu of secure gas hot water heaters of a framing and foundation to a

house. Intended of reduce a chances to having a water heater fall over that an earthquake and

causing the gas leak.

Easement Philippines  the formal contract which allows the party of use another party’s property for the specific purpose.

e.g. the sewer easement might allow one party of run the sewer line through the neighbors property.

Eaves Philippines  a horizontal exterior roof overhang.

Egress Philippines  the means to exiting a home. An egress window is required that every bedroom or basement.